Exciting Development for Stroke Rehab – A New Device

Recovery from Stroke

A person who suffers a stroke can expect a long road to recovery.

Stroke rehab is a tale of courage and perseverance. It is one of the senior health issues of major importance. Kind words and the encouragement are needed, alongside professionalism and whatever technology can give. And technology has what to give!

Gait Training to the Rescue

A company by the name of ReWalk Robotics has developed and received FDA approval for a new exo-suit. The ReStore Exo-Suit enables the wearer to take an assisted step using the limb that has damaged parts due to a stroke. This exo-suit is unique in that it is made of a soft material that not only feels more comfortable but adapts to the persons gait. The movement that the energy pack assists is smoother and more correct due to a system that pulls the leg with precision. The person learns to walk again in a more correct way and more natural way.

The robotic device can be used with personalized levels of assistance. Therapists can work together with patients while keeping track of progress made and taking advantage of the tools for patient progress analysis that come with the product.

For a person who needs to use an exo-suit to re-learn how to walk, it is good to know that the ReStore Exo-Suit is available to rehab centers. Patients can enjoy support and assistance with technology’s latest developments. The company hopes that its “functional and affordable system can be utilized in the ‘Main Street’ clinics in every community,” according to the ReWalk CEO, Larry Jasinski.


Stroke rehabilitation is an important issue for senior health. It is nice that new developments in technology make recovery from stroke a little easier and hopefully a lot more successful for the patient.


Every step counts in stroke rehab

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