Older Driver Safety Awareness Week – Seniors Who Want to Drive

By typowebsupport | December 12, 2019 |

If you are reading this article in Brookhaven’s fabulous website, chances are that you or a loved one is making a recovery journey. Post-stroke rehab, for example, can be long and complicated. However, this week is Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, so let’s look into returning to driving. An older driver might want to return…

Daily Dose of Inspiration!

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From our good friends at!

Senior Rehab Due to Shoveling Snow?

By typowebsupport | December 5, 2019 |

How could a senior adult end up in hospital or rehab due to shoveling snow? Quite easily, unfortunately. The combination of weather factors and health factors could put a person into senior rehab due to shoveling snow.   Snow seems like such a pure, innocent material. It’s soft, white and comes down, oh, so quietly.…

Celebrating National Handwashing Awareness Week

By typowebsupport | December 4, 2019 |

Join us in celebrating National Handwashing Awareness Week. Regular handwashing, particularly before and after certain activities, is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it can keep us all from getting sick. Handwashing is a win for everyone, except…

Happy Thanksgiving!

By typowebsupport | November 27, 2019 |

November is the time to be thankful, a time to remember and to embrace those who enrich our lives. Wishing you a harvest of blessings, good health, and good times. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving and National Family Health History Day

By typowebsupport | November 25, 2019 |

Thanksgiving and National Family Health History Day have become bound together in harmony since 2004. That was the year in which the U.S. Surgeon General established the bond between Thanksgiving and National Family Health History Day. What was the goal of doing this? The main goal was to encourage people to become more aware of…

COPD Awareness: Shine the Light on Senior COPD Rehab

By typowebsupport | November 21, 2019 |

November is COPD Awareness Month. People are focussing on COPD, how to avoid it and how to live with it. COPD with its chronic, challenging symptoms, can have worse effects on seniors. Senior COPD rehab helps seniors fight the COPD symptoms. These usually include that the patient: Cannot do activities of daily living due to…

Raising Awareness About National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

By typowebsupport | November 19, 2019 |

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, and hospices across the country, like Brookhaven Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, are reaching out to raise awareness about the highest quality care for all people in hospices and palliative care programs. A hospice is not a place but high-quality care that enables patients and families to…

Honoring Veteran’s Day

By typowebsupport | November 11, 2019 |

On this Veteran’s Day, let us remember the service of our veterans, and let us renew our national promise to fulfill our sacred obligations to our veterans and their families who have scarified so much that we can live free.

World Antibiotic Week: Antibiotic Awareness in Seniors

By typowebsupport | November 11, 2019 |

Antibiotic awareness in seniors is in the spotlight. World Antibiotic Awareness Week is from 18-24 November 2019. The aim of this very important awareness week, is to enlighten people as to the wise use of antibiotics. World Antibiotic Awareness Week campaigners tell people a clear message: Use antibiotics when needed, don’t use it when not…