Sing Along Seniors! Holiday Singing is a Health Activity

Singing has many benefits for all of us, and for seniors this is true too. Let’s see how holiday singing is a health activity. And let’s see how singing is something that we can benefit from all year long!


Is There Proof That Singing Affects Your Health?

Yes, there is some research on the topic. Ichiro Saito carried out research a number of years ago. There were clear results: Singing improves mental health in seniors as well as “the oral condition”.

The study held that taking care of oral health in seniors can prevent diseases such as aspiration pneumonia. The study authors tested how well participants swallowed, the condition of the mouth and measured chemicals in the blood and in saliva.

They found:

  • There was more saliva after singing. That is important for oral health, since it cleanses bacteria in the mouth.
  • Cortisol levels in saliva decreased. That meant participants were less stressed.
  • Generally, the emotions and mood improved. In other words, the seniors became more relaxed, comfortable and they felt renewed.

Researchers at the University of Frankfurt  found that the level of antibodies increased. That means that:

  • Singing boosts the immune system.

Another study on 390 senior singers  found that singing in choirs brought the participants benefits:

  • An interest in life
  • More companionship, thus reducing loneliness

There are many other great health benefits in singing. You get a physical workout. Since you breathe in and bellow out your song, it gives the lungs a full workout.

If your style is more academic, then you’ll be pleased to hear that signing can sharpen your concentration and memory. It’s no secret that many seniors want to work on retaining their memory. With singing, you get that as a gift.

If you can, take the time to read an informative article about 11 great benefits of singing.

Remember, holiday singing is a health activity!


10 Kinds of Singing with Health Benefits

Here are some types of singing, that give health benefits:

  1. Singing in a choir.
  2. Presenting in front of a crowd can build your confidence.
  3. If you don’t sing for business, you’ll get only compliments. And compliments are a great emotional health booster.
  4. Singing that requires holding long notes and long breaths, can build abdominal muscles  and benefit the lungs.
  5. Humming is good for clearing the nasal cavity and improving airflow.
  6. Singing sad songs acts as an outlet to emotions and can leave a person feeling happier.
  7. Happy songs boost our positive emotions  and give physical benefits too .
  8. Classical music has a good reputation. Apparently it is good to for reducing blood pressure.
  9. What about rock music? Well singing it requires a strong diaphragm. Yet rock songs a reputed to be deep and inspirational. Like, let your soul connect! People are less regretful and happier, and work-out harder when they listen to rock music.
  10. Generally, listening and playing music can keep a person’s brain ‘young’ – choose something you can sing along with, for your enjoyment.


Need to Sing Nicely to Get Healthy?

Well, Saito’s research found that you don’t have to like singing to get the benefits to your health.

But what if you think you can’t sing on key. Does it make a difference?

Research does not seem to address this issue. Perhaps, if you have the right frame of mind, it does not matter what you actually sound like. If you enjoy the singing, you would still get the rush of joy and the adrenalin and so on. If you are breathing and singing aloud, then there is no reason not to get the physical benefits too.


What If You Physically Cannot Sing?

If you cannot sing as a result of illness or stroke, here are a few ideas. This will help you connect to the benefits of singing.

  • You can use a text-to-speech app to produce a song. You type in the text and pick a song and the app puts your words in a song.
  • Try listening to music and tapping. You can tap fingers on the table, feet on the floor or, tip your head from side to side on your pillow.
  • If you are able, clap or click your fingers to music.
  • Breathe out and open and close your lips to make a slow pap-pap-pap sound. There you go, you are providing the beat and the rhythm! Someone else can do the singing!
  • You can ask a friend or family member to tap you on your hand or back in time to the music. It’s almost like a massage. Just remind them to be gentle…


It is nice to know why holiday singing is a health activity! Wising you happy and healthy singing!


holiday singing is a health activity

Unlease your love of singing – holiday singing is a health activity!




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