Senior Health Awareness of Diabetes: World Diabetes Day

Diabetes. Who hasn’t heard of it? The disease that affects 9.4% of people in America as of 2015. 30.3 million people have diabetes in America alone and many more outside of the States.


The number of people affected by diabetes is so great. There are an estimated 7.2 million Americans who do not even know they have diabetes. Since the problem affects so many people throughout the world, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) established a worldwide Diabetes Day.


Each year the IDF chooses a theme for the World Diabetes Event each November 14th. For 2018 and 2019 the theme chosen is “Family and Diabetes”.


Why Mark an International Diabetes Day?

Senior health awareness of diabetes is part of the picture. But why stop there?

The IDF states in their 2018-2019 World Diabetes Day page that:

  1. Awareness has to be increased, so that everyone understands the impact the diabetes has on every person in a family.
  2. The family is seen as the supporting environment that will help a person with diabetes to manage their diabetes.
  3. The family needs education about what diabetes is and how it can be prevented.



Diabetes is a disease that is non-communicable and is highly treatable. By making people aware of the disease, they can live a lifestyle that can prevent or delay diabetes.


In other words, a person doesn’t catch diabetes. Whether someone gets diabetes, and how it affects a person, depends largely on how a person lives.


So, it is all about awareness.



Are there Special Greetings on World Diabetes Day?

There are no specific greetings, but people with diabetes and their families can express their support with a nice card.


We can also make some up. How about these:


“Good Diabetes Day morning” or,

“Have a nice and sugar-free day!”

“Love and awareness can bring diabetes down!”


A special greeting is all about increasing awareness among those who do not yet know and supporting those who do.


Marking World Diabetes Day on a National/International Level

Which activities mark World Diabetes Day?

Part of the idea behind having a global campaign was to give a single unified message to the world about diabetes. That was why the organization chose a blue circle as its symbol.


Activities for the annual Diabetes day include/ed:

  • diabetes screening programs
  • lectures and group meeting to spread awareness
  • social media, radio and television campaigns
  • sports events for adults and children
  • distributing posters and leaflets
  • displaying blue circles in prominent places
  • lighting up landmark buildings in blue
  • trying to set new Guinness World Records in World Diabetes Day topics, such as most blood glucose tests.
  • Setting up exhibitions



Marking Senior Health Awareness of Diabetes on a Personal Level

On a personal level, and for seniors, World Diabetes Day is also meaningful.

Decide to take hold of your health, if you did not do so yet, have a screening for diabetes.

Discover ways to prevent diabetes, that you can incorporate in your life.


Activities to DiabEducate the Next Generation

Are your family members diabeducated?

Okay, okay, we just made up that word, it’s true. But it is a word that needs to be coined.

By educating the next generation, awareness of diabetes will increase. Parents and children can learn lifestyle changes that can keep them far away from the dreaded diabetes.


Initiatives to Prevent Diabetes in Seniors and Their Families

An individual should speak to their own doctor for personal guidance:

Here are some ideas for diabetes prevention:


  • Following a low carb diet
  • Reduce sugar in your diet
  • Incorporate regular exercise into your routine
  • Practice portion control
  • Focus on weight control
  • Stop smoking
  • Drink water instead of sweet drinks
  • Have enough vitamin D



Use World Diabetes Day! Get motivated to make changes in your life for the good!


Senior health awareness of diabetes one step towards becoming a healthier person. Fighting the battle against diabetes, begins with awareness of what needs to be fixed.

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