Facials for Senior Beauty – Is this what Senior Skin Needs?

Is there any medical value in facials for senior beauty? What are the general benefits of facials for senior beauty? Can we highlight the principals of good facial care?

Providers of facials for senior beauty, often claim that that facials offer a host of medical benefits. Some of these may be true but the claims should be looked at with skepticism.

Are there good things to gain from facials? There certainly are. Then again, some of the benefits are purely psychological, which actually does count for something.

The top tips from four New York dermatologists, Drs. George Cotsarelis, John R. Stanley, Michael Detmar, and Adarsh Mudgil  are presented here, collected by a scientist, Ushma S. Neill, who wanted to know what facials really do for “aging females”.


The Medical Benefits of Having a Facial

According to Ushma S. Neill’s research online, here are the supposed benefits of having a regular facial:

  • Immune system regulation
  • Detoxing of the skin and of body
  • Fluid-build up removal
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Exfoliation
  • Relief of stress

What did the dermatologists think of these claims?

They agreed there was an element of stress relief, and that was of medical benefit. The stress relief came mainly from the feeling of being massaged. Indirectly, a person could say that stress relief regulates the immune system, but not more than that!

In people with sun-damaged skin, there is reduced functioning of the lymphatic vessels. If a person would improve the flow of the lymphatic fluid that would be good for the skin and body. However, Dr. Detmar was not convinced that a facial could achieve that.


Non-Medical Benefits of Facials

From Dr. Cotsarelis: Someone with sun-affected skin, who has skin that sags, has wrinkles and/or brown spots would benefit more from facial peels, laser treatments and creams applied to the skin. What does that mean for someone with normal skin? Dr. Cotsarelis does not see any benefits of a facial treatment for individuals with normal skin.

On the other hand, Dr. Stanley sees that a facial could remove a thin layer of dead cells on the surface of the skin. In addition to that, a facial can give the temporary appearance of the removal of fine wrinkles. How does that work?

Certain types of facials cause a slight inflammation of the skin, temporary edema, that causes the wrinkles to look as if they have gone away, and then a person looks better!


Good Facial Care – Tips from the Experts


Dr. Cotsarelis, said that he learned the best tip from Dr. Albert Kligman, a University of Pennsylvania dermatologist:

Use Vaseline to take off your make up, at the end of each day. If there is excess Vaseline, use a tissue to wipe it off, but what remains after that works as a barrier, and keeps the skin moisturized. Vaseline is acceptable even for the very thin skin under the eyes.



Daily application of sunscreen, is another top tip. Dr. John R. Stanley recommended this as the most important thing that a person can do to keep their skin looking younger for longer. He said that protecting the skin from the effects of the sun includes the use of protective clothing and a hat. Aside from that, use of daily facial moisturizer with 15 spf, all year round, would be advisable and would do better that having a facial.


Dr. Michael Detmar, when asked about beauty product for ladies over 50, said that skin type determines the type of facial skin products that a person needs, more than their age in years. A person’s skin-age is determined by the effect of sun-exposure for each person. Too much exposure for a person means the elastin and collagen in the skin is affected, reducing the tautness of the skin.


What about real wrinkles?

Dermatologists agree that the way to treat wrinkles is by using topical retinoids. In simple English, a retinoid (or tretinoin or, retinoic acid or, Retin-A which is apparently about 100 times stronger than retinoic acid ) is a substance derived from vitamin A. It can be responsible for cell growth. Using creams with retinoids means it can help better skin cells to grow quickly to replace the old ones.

Most seniors have to deal with wrinkles. Some people from certain ethnicities are blessed with particularly young-looking skin, so they get to deal with wrinkles a bit later. But most people, especially people who have had a lot of exposure to the sun, have to deal with sagging and aged skin, brown spots and other pigmentation issues.


What can we conclude regarding Facials for Senior Beauty?

Facials for senior beauty are enjoyable, and relieve stress. It is questionable how much they can help in a medical sense. Caring for your skin begins with protection from the sun. We could say that caring for your skin does not end, since other than facials there are lifestyle changes you can make to improve the health of your skin.

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Use good quality materials for facials for senior beauty


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