Senior Activities for Patients in Rehab

Senior activities for patients in rehab can be major fun!

Activities that give us something to talk about and remember are especially valuable.

Patients in rehab are sometimes immobilized by their medical condition or by the doctors’ orders and cumbersome equipment.

Yet, there is an atmosphere of being ‘foot loose and fancy free’ in the summer air.

Mmm, summer is in full swing (any time of the year is a good time for vacation!). We might have an urge to travel and see the world!

But some of us are not so foot loose, or mobile at all for that matter.

Here is a rhyme that express this point.

Actually, if you are in really good spirits you could sing it to any tune you like, as the structure of the rhyme is simple.


A Vacation Rhyme

Vacation time is here!

I hope you’re in good cheer!

Let’s all have some fun,

Together with everyone.


You must stay in bed,”

That what the nurses said.

But there’s no reason to loose out

Let’s all enjoy and shout:


Vacation come to me!

There are things I want to see!

From here in rehabilitation

Let’s take a virtual vacation!


Virtual Vacations – The Real Thing

Virtual vacations allow people the opportunity to visit places they have never seen before, places that their legs cannot carry them to. They can enjoy incredible and exotic locations without even boarding a plane. Senior activities for patients in rehab are approaching new boundaries!

Virtual travel is the simulated experience of a trip to someplace. The show is made up of a series of videos or still images, perhaps with a voice over and music so that you feel immersed within the experience.

In the world of therapy, virtual reality (“VR”) has become a tool to help dementia patients.

For our purposes, we will look at the opportunities for patients who cannot leave their beds or are otherwise limited in mobility.

What do you wear?

You wear a special headset to become immersed in an virtual experience, as if you are there.

Senior Activities for Patients in Rehab - Why not try Virtual Reality for a Vacation

There are loads of VR headsets to choose from.

What do you see?

Depending on the product you choose, you will experience two-dimensional or three-dimensional images, or even an interactive environment. You get to see the locations you always wished you could, from the comfort of the rehab center!

Is it safe?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology does not see any danger of permanent eye damage being caused. An individual with a case history of head or eye issues probably should speak to their doctor first. This is especially the case if they have never used headsets of this sort before.

Is it fun?

A study by Stanford members  found that a virtual activity could reduce depression. You can clear your mind. Experience the thrill of the Alps in Europe or Mount Rainier in Washington or whichever location you choose! Senior activities for patients in rehab can be enriched by activities that induce good feelings and enjoyment.

What Does it cost and how do I Start?

Many virtual tours are free!

Here are some links to VR experience providers:

You would need to have a good VR headset; there are a range of prices and products available.


Virtual Vacations – The Home-Made Variety

This, family members can prepare for a loved one:

Without buying special equipment, you can take a loved one on vacation, without leaving the bed or the rehab center.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Collect images or videos on your phone.
  • Develop/print some of those photos so you have something for your loved one to hold and create memories from.
  • Get books from the store, the library or friends about exotic locations.
  • Collect objects, such as pictures, shells, sand, figurines, decorative items, flags, stickers, stationary and other items related to the country that you plan to ‘visit’ together.
  • Collect scents that are connected to that location. Select food items that are applicable – if allowed in the patient’s diet.
  • For as long as the vacation lasts, decorate the living space of the patient, with the permission of the staff.

In this way you will have created a fun experience that will give a lot of enjoyment to your loved one (and probably yourself too). This neurological stimulation will bring a host of benefits to the patient in its trail.

Note: This article does not intend to recommend to any reader to do any particular activity. Always check compatibility of activities with your health care provider.

We have shown that there are many new and exciting senior activities for patients in rehab.These senior activities can be fun and provide things to talk about. The experiences are good for the patient. A patient can become stimulated by virtual reality tours or any other well-planned senior activity. The energy and happiness become a part of the cure.



Photo by Hammer & Tusk on Unsplash

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